“Weather” You Like It Or Not

Writer: Nivan Narula
Graphic Designer: Rubina Srikureja
Editor & Publisher: Jaspreet Narang

When you are planning your trip to Bangkok, the one thing you need to know about the weather is that it is hot and humid almost all the time. Growing up in Bangkok all my life, I have learnt that they are three seasons: hot, very hot and unbearably hot. Well, that’s how I feel anyways! In all honesty, there are three vaguely definable seasons in Bangkok.

Season: The Ocean in Bangkok

flood and rain

The rainy season starts late May and usually last till October or November and even during the rainy season don’t think you can get away with the humidity because the weather is still hot and humid. It doesn’t rain all day everyday; the rain in Bangkok can be very dramatic because it will pour down in buckets for few hours, it will stop, and the sun will shine again. Either way, you are guaranteed to have some sun. Also, don’t be surprised when you hear loud thunderstorm especially at night, because that’s normal. Oh wait, I almost forgot to mention the after effect of rain in Bangkok. The one thing all Thai people dread the most. FLOODS. After a few hours of heavy rain in Bangkok, it will flood and there will be more traffic than the regular existing traffic (I seriously do not understand why people choose to drive here. I seriously do not understand why I choose to drive here!). If you’re caught in a flood, sitting in a cab will not get you anywhere. You could be stuck in the same location for 2-3 hours. I’m actually not joking. My advice: Be a trooper, take off your shoes, and walk through the flood. Think of it as an adventure… something you can add to your list of stories and experiences in Bangkok.

Season: The Thai Version of Winter

sun and sunAfter the ocean has left Bangkok, we get our “winter,” or at least what Thai people like to call winter if you consider temperatures between 20 – 25 degrees in the morning to be cold. I kid you not, you will see people with hoodies and jackets on. Some vendors will even be selling gloves. We don’t really have thick skin when it comes to the cold weather, considering all the heat we have to deal with all the time. Our Thai winter also happens to be the time when locals are happiest (because it coincides with the festive season of Thai version of Christmas and New Years). We like to think we get 2 months of winter, but lets face it, we’re lucky if we get 2 weeks of this weather. This would probably be the best time to visit Bangkok because it will be a tropical cool. Well, the truth is, it’s still going to be humid but comfortable. When I say the weather will be cool, you absolutely don’t need to prepare warm clothes. This just means that at this time of the year, you will sweat a little less, and the Thai locals like me will freeze so we need to be in our warm clothes. Don’t mind us.

Season: The Sweaty Summer

bkk winterI’m going to warn all of you now that from March to May is probably the time you don’t want to visit Bangkok, because even I want to run away from the heat here. However, due to any circumstances you find yourself here during summer (it’s actually always summer here), I’m going to tell you that it will be HOT! HOT! HOT! My advice: Take lots of showers and carry deodorant on you at all times. You’ll need it with all that sweating. Make sure you have all your travel essentials to combat the heat! I always find myself being quite cranky during this time of the year and I was born in Bangkok so I can’t imagine how you all will feel coming from a more hospitable climate. You will find that the heat will drain out your energy and it might make it hard for you to go strong all day. Just make sure to keep yourself hydrated. Ice-cold water will feel like heaven. All this talk about the heat and the sweating, and no mention of the biggest festival of Thailand, how dare I. If you do end up travelling here in the summer, make sure to come in April. Brace yourselves for Songkran, the biggest water fight festival in the world. It is played throughout Thailand for almost a week (between April 12th – April 19th); depending on which city you are in. The idea behind this is simple; it’s hot so lets have an ice-cold water fight with everyone in sight. You do not want to miss it. It’s an experience of a lifetime.

Now that you know all about the weather conditions in Bangkok (which is mainly hot), you can prepare your visit accordingly. You can also mentally prepare yourself for the year round humidity, and the frizzy hair you never knew you had.

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