The Prosecco Route

It was a perfectly sunny day to explore Prosecco Vineyards. Not a very touristic location like Cinque Terre or the Amalfi Coast or Venice. This place was calm, serene, humble, and exuded years of tradition and culture. With the sun kissing the acres of vineyards, and no one else in sight, I knew I found something special. After some hours of pondering on where to go after Piran, Slovenia, I found this gem. It’s the unknown and underrated, “Prosecco Route”. Covering roughly 50km, I visited several of the cute little towns, abandoned castles, and of course Prosecco wineries. Here are some of my highlights!

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My first stop was at an ancient mill built in the 17th century, “Molinetto della Croda.” It was by far, and without exaggeration one of the most picturesque and romantic spot I’ve visited!

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As per my usual form of enjoyment it seems… I set up yet another picnic! There was even a wooden table, some benches and 3 ducks in the lake to set the mood. Honeymooners, you’re going to want to go here!

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Another favorite was definitely somewhere in between Farra di Soligo and Santo Stefano. I could not tell you the name of this abandoned castle for the life of me, but it was beautiful, with an amazing view of the entire town of Farra di Soligo.

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The highlight however, would have to be the breath-taking vineyard landscape at Valdobbiadene. Every moment in this area was photographic material. The inner photographer in me just couldn’t contain her excitement. I took over 200 photos here. Yes, slightly excessive, but we all have issues. Haha!

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I stopped at one of the wineries here, and tried a few of the sparkling wine whites. Mmm….delicious and fresh Prosecco. Life just doesn’t get better than this.

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Ending the day Lago di Santa Maria, or Santa Maria Lake, was simply blissful with the stunning mountainous scenery in the backdrop. To get here, I actually had to trespass an RV camp ground, because there was literally no other access into this lake that I could find! After enjoying the view for about an hour, I got caught and was kicked out. Oops!

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The last leg of the trip was the drive to Belluno and spend the night there. On the drive, I got a glimpse of the most gorgeous sunset of all time. If my stomach wasn’t in tight knots from taking the narrow unused steep winding road (with no street signs, street lamps, and cellular connection) up the mountain, then I probably would have enjoyed the sunset a lot more. The road was supposed to be a shortcut. But in all seriousness, that’s one adventure I could have lived without.

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Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 21.34.30  Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 21.35.13

I was beyond ecstatic to finally arrive at Belluno, a gorgeous little Italian town.

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