The Green Lungs of Bangkok

I’ve lived in Bangkok for majority of the 27 years I’ve spent on planet Earth. I have never heard of Bang Krachao, popularly known as the “Green Lungs of Bangkok” up until 2013, when I stumbled upon an eco-friendly tree house located in Bangkok while surfing the web. I knew I wanted to come back here and explore the area properly before the year ended. I figured, what better way to close down 2015, than to have a staycation on the last weekend of the year?

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What is the “Green Lungs of Bangkok”?

Bang Krachao is an automobile-free, gorgeous green oasis depicting Bangkok as it was over 100 years ago. It’s the greatest and closest escape from Bangkok, within Bangkok itself. Almost an island but not quite, Bang Krachao is accessible by car from one main road as well. In the green lungs of Bangkok, you will find nothing but coconuts, small villages, jungles, cycling paths, temples, and fresh air!


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I visited the floating market in Bang Krachao at the beginning of the year by accident, but never in my wildest dreams could I imagine such a cute abode full of lush green trees and water canals in the middle of Bangkok. I’m going to go ahead and dub this Bangkok’s best kept secret.

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Before I obscenely build up your expectations, lets keep in mind that we are still in Bangkok. This means, all the garbage we are throwing in the river does resurface at this location. You are likely to see quite a large amount of trash on the outskirts of the green lungs; sadly that’s our own fault for not taking care of mother nature.

Getting There

You can access Bang Krachao by car, but you’ll only be able to drive on one main road that cuts through this semi-island. I would recommend ditching your car entirely if you plan to enter Bang Krachao, otherwise you’ll find yourself battling a number of bicyclists and motorbikes during your drive. It’s the location where bicyclists own the road, and cars are looked down upon. Sound’s like paradise, doesn’t it?  There are two options I recommend for going to the green lungs:

  • By Car: Drive to Wat Bang Na Nok, a temple, where you can park your car overnight. There is no parking fees, but feel free to donate to the temple there, as the monks will appreciate it. This temple is located about 200 meter walk from Bang Na Pier from where you have to catch the ferry to get to Bang Krachao.
  • By BTS: Take the Sky Train (BTS) to Bang Na followed by a taxi to Bang Na Pier, and take the ferry from there.

Travel Tip: Crossing the Chao Phraya River with a green ferry boat will cost you 4 baht per person. Spending 4 baht for fresh air and a great view in Bangkok is a steal of a bargain! Better than any rooftop bar I’ve ever been to around here… 😉

Where to Stay?

There is a limited variety of places to stay on this eco-friendly and sustainable oasis. A large number of foreigners opt for home stays, as they can experience deeply routed Thai culture here. I opted to stay at one of the more beautiful locations that I had set my sights on since 2013, Bangkok Tree House. I’ll be covering everything you need to know about this eco-friendly tree house in my next post.

What To Do?

I spent a very eventful day exploring the Green Lungs. I arrived to Bangkok Tree House at noon, and after a short rest, decided to take the bicycle out for a ride and explore what Bang Krachao has to offer. I cycled to the floating market, a stick house, a mushroom farm, and a beautiful park. I managed to explore all of this in a leisurely pace within 5 – 6 hours, while cycling 12 kilometers in the scorching sun. I was not prepared for how exhausting it would be in the heat, and especially given my lack of stamina lately. Oops…! Nonetheless, I did it, and was able to enjoy a lengthy 11 hours of sleep for recovery! Here’s a list of things I enjoyed during my 24 hours while exploring the green lungs.

1. Bicycling

The elevated bike paths dissecting the jungle above water canals was by far the highlight of my experience on Bang Krachao and is the only authentic way of experiencing Bang Krachao in my opinion. Cycling through these narrow paths while passing villages, stick houses, jungles, and farm lands was entirely too much fun. If you enjoy cycling, this is the best it’s going to get near Bangkok. If you aren’t very good at cycling, you should be warned of the narrow 50cm to 80cm cycling trails. One slight mistake, and you could find yourself in the canal. Luckily, I didn’t fall into the canal, but considering my track record of clumsiness, I would not have been surprised if I did.

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2. Bang Nam Phueng Floating Market

This floating market is only open on Saturdays and Sundays from 7:00am to 3:30pm. Most of the shops start to close at around 2.30pm, so try and make it there early afternoon; especially if you want to enjoy some delicious local and cheap cuisine from some floating boats. As any market in Bangkok, aside from food you will find an assortment of items from plants to handicrafts to body care products. The Bang Nam Phueng floating market is the busiest location on Bang Krachao, and not the best representation of the rest of the green lungs itself. However, the activities and energy at this market does make for a fun afternoon of exploring and lunching.

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3. Mushroom Farm

If you like mushrooms, then you’re going to enjoy this manmade mushroom incubator. It has some of the craziest looking and most colourful mushrooms I’ve ever seen. This is not usually a place I would wander off to explore, but I’m really glad I did! It was a nice surprise, and we were given a private tour by a local there.


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4. Sri Nakhon Kuenkhan Park

The trees, lakes, pavilions in this park cover approximately 100 acres of land, making it one of the main features in Bang Krachao. The park is dotted with walking trails, cycling trails, and even paddle boat and kayaking options. You can easily enjoy a nice afternoon picnic in this venue. You know I definitely did! 🙂 If you plan on cycling to this park from the ferry pier, know that this bike ride will be about 10 – 11 km roundtrip. Do not worry about the roads though, as they are pretty flat throughout the island.

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My Two Cents

If you feel like refreshing your lungs, head over to Bang Krachao.
If you’re crunched for time and want to have a break from Bangkok, head over to Bang Krachao.
If you want to enjoy a picnic away from the noise and pollution, head over to Bang Krachao.
If you are a biking enthusiast in search of a stunning bike route, head over to Bang Krachao.

I cannot stress enough, how much I recommend the Green Lungs of Bangkok.
You will find this paradise just 9km outside Thonglor. There is no excuse not to go 😉

Want to see some more pictures? Check out my friend’s photography on Bang Krachao!

13 thoughts on “The Green Lungs of Bangkok

    1. It’s hard to explain exactly where as the route isn’t marked. However if you ask the locals where you can find “Farm Het”, which means Mushroom Farm, I’m sure they will be extremely helpful! We got lost while trying to find it as well, and asked around too!

      1. You can find it on Google Maps if you look up ฟาร์มเห็ดช่างแดง พระประแดง

  1. To get to the Sri Nakhon Kuenkhan Park, it’s closer from the other pier (about 2-3 km). That pier can be accessed by taking the long tail boat from Klong Toey pier.

    I’ve been here twice as well, second time we explored more. Never stayed at the Tree House though (only ate there). Looking forward to reading about your stay there.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I only did it from Bang Na Pier, mainly because I write from a viewpoint of having stayed at Bangkok Tree House 🙂 I’ll be posting about that after the holidays! Hope you’re enjoying Chiang Mai. The canyon photos look epic.

  2. How much is the room for 2 person a night if you stay in Bangkok Tree House? How much also is the fee for the bicycle rent?


    1. From 3,500 THB per night upwards depending on the room type you choose. This does sound quite pricey for a night but, I’ll be covering all the details about why it’s priced that way after the holidays! Also, for bicycle rentals, Bangkok Tree House provided them for free for their guests. However, if you are only looking to rental bicycles, at any pier once you arrive, you should easily find one between 50 – 100 THB per hour!

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