Spoil Me Rotten, Bangkok

Writer: Rajvin Chawla
Photography: Ruksana Narang
Editor & Publisher: Jaspreet Narang

5 - Spoil Me RottenBangkok really does spoil you rotten. Be it the head massages, the foot rubs the aromatherapy and famed traditional Thai massage, spas, saloons, beauticians, liposuction, Botox, plastic surgery , okay you get the idea. Therapeutically Thai massages do wonders for your body but apart from that it spoils you rotten. It pampers you and comforts you. It gives you peace and serenity. It is a stress reliever that drives your blood pressure low and then high when the strength of a thousand hammers clamps down on your nerves through the hands of a sweet old lady whose fingers could cripple you in a moment. Then it is peace again and the process is repeated until your bones become powder and you slide out of your chair all refreshed to take on all that the big bad world can throw at you. (Please note: you will still love it). Apart from the spa pampering Bangkok offers another outlet for the souls in need of more loving: Shopping.

4 - Spoil Me RottenShiny glass complexes of merchandise spread out along prized acres of land lined up from Siam right up to the newly renovated “EM District” to rival Singapore’s Orchard Road, Bangkok’s sprawling shoppers paradise include those of old and new malls to add to its every growing shopping experience. Malls apart, it is also famed for its markets, whether it is a local corner weekend market or some of the better known touristy ones like Chatujak Weekend Market. Bangkok offers shoppers a wide range of products each in its own way whether it is authentic Thai treats out of carts, fruits and veggies from boats at the flower market, cheap knock offs around town or high end brand name bags and shoes from one of Bangkok’s many retail therapy outlets.

2 - Spoil Me RottenAfter some retail therapy it boils down to gastronomy. Personally I feel that Bangkok is a haven for foodies. Granted it does not boasts many Michelin star restaurants but that does not take away the unique eats and experiences that Bangkok has to offer in its own traditional Thai way. Bangkok offers a buffet of cuisines for food lovers to indulgence themselves. The variety of cuisines and foods available in Bangkok is amazing and along with the diverse cultures present has allowed for many a fusion of cuisines. Where else can you get spaghetti khee mao and tom yum kung pizza. How else do I satisfy my cravings for 3 am moo ping and some late night Sukhumvit soi 38 khao mun kai? The choice presented to any one at any given time to pick a restaurant is not an easy one. Apart from being spoilt for choice, it also the convenience of getting food in Bangkok that really scores major points. Food stalls, food halls, food courts, food carts and food on footpaths are the heart and soul of Bangkok.

8 - Spoil Me RottenRooftop bars and restaurants providing spectacular panoramic views of the city have sprung up through the metropolitan. A night out in Bangkok will not cost you and arm and a leg. Have you been for a night out in London wherein by the end of the night you walk out of the club zombie-like with your pockets so drained you had to sell you soul for a pint and some crisps. You could probably get a bottle of bourbon, six beers three shots of tequila and some jumbo river prawn phad thai for the price of one ridiculously overpriced bottle(Well, that’s a big exaggeration; you’d probably just get the normal phad thai). Most venues are easily accessible with minimal dress code requirements (and no that is not an excuse to show up in your birthday suit or worse, in Crocs) and you would probably get table service as well. Au contraire, lining up for extended periods of time in the cold just to get into a club doesn’t make sense when you could have already been chugging down with your mates halfway through beer number seven. So it is definitely safe to say Bangkok really does spoil you and on a side note it’s the place I will always call home; ‘Bangkok has me now’.

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