Slovenia: The Stunning Lake Bled

Put the best camera in my hand, and I could take a 1000 photos. Yet, none of them can quite capture how beautiful Lake Bled is, especially on a day with clear blue skies and sunshine.

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I’ve never been to Slovenia before, and this was definitely a first for me. I drove down from Munich directly to Bled, which took about 4 hours. I also crossed Austria along the way! 3 countries in 1 day. You’ve got to love Europe for its size and convenience. More than that, you’ve got to love Europe for the diversity of food, culture, and landscapes in the closest of proximities. Living is Europe is a traveller’s paradise. I’m certain of this.

I arrive at Bled, and as I was driving to the lake, I saw something green, blue, shiny and sparkly from kilometres away. It could have been the ocean at the Mediterranean, and still the clarity of the water would not match that of Lake Bled. When I say it was breathtaking, it really was, right down to the rowing of the wooden boat to get from mainland to the little island in the centre of the lake. That 10 minutes (what felt like 30 minutes) of rowing literally took my breath away. Side note: I clearly need to gain more upper body strength.

bled 4

An island in the middle of a lake? Yes, that’s right! It exists, it’s cute, and it’s so tiny you could walk the entire island in 100 steps (or maybe more, I can’t help but exaggerate to make my point). There are several ways of getting to this tiny island. In the summer, I’d recommend swimming. It’s really not that far I promise. In the autumn, which was the season I went at, I would recommend taking your own personal wooden rowboat. I took one that was more fancy (a swan shaped wooden boat), than a practical one. I regretted this decision immediately. Seriously, do not judge a book by its cover. There is a rhythm to the rowing though… but I just didn’t quite get it. I blame the beautiful wooden boat. However, only take your own little boat when the weather is nice and sunny! On a windy and rainy day, this adventure might be slightly too adventurous. During the winter, I’d recommend taking the drop-off boat service.

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On the island you’ll fine a café selling some local wines and snacks, as well as a church to explore and climb up for a view from the centre of the lake. I didn’t climb up the church though, because I thought the view that I got while walking around this tiny island was already perfect.

bled 6

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Also, the real view would be from Bled Castle or Bleski Grad in Slovenian, which sits at the top of a cliff at a corner of the lake. From there, you’ll have a 360-degree view of the lake, the little island in the middle, the town of Bled, and the mountains in the horizon.

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The lake is about 6 km long, which mean’s if you enjoy running, this is the place to do it. If you’re lazy or not so much of a runner like myself, just bicycle or walk around the lake. The latter might take more time if you have the time to spare.

It’s shockingly far from being a tourist attraction, which is absolutely insane considering how stunning it is, and all the fun activities surrounding it. Majority of the people visiting this location were locals from what I could tell. Lake Bled is completed underrated and quite undiscovered as well. I would recommend you go in a heartbeat on any off chance you may have!

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