Paris: In Between Old Books

It was by chance that I walked along rue de la Bûcherie. I crossed the river and I noticed a store with a large sign that read “Shakespeare and Company.” Being an avid book reader, this book store sounded familiar to me. It was in one of the top 10 lists of “must sees” so I walked it, giddy like a little kid in a candy store. The smell of old books hit me like a ton of bricks, but is a good way…the kind that knocks the wind out of you. I ran my hands through the books and encyclopedias dating back to the 17th century. I walked through the maze of books, up the staircase, and followed the music. It was a familiar sound, and the closer the I got to it, I recognized it was that of a Piano. I could hear a girl singing an Adele song. I reached the Piano room. Twenty strangers were seated on floors, leaning on bookshelves, and listening intently. The pianist was belting out “Someone like you,” with her eyes closed, and her fingers dancing between black and white notes. At the end of the song, there was a second of silence until the room broke out into an enormous applause. In that silent second, twenty strangers were strangers no more. We were bonded by the emotion, a special moment… in between old books.

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