Khao Yai: A Perfect Weekend Getaway in Muthimaya

I had just gotten back from Germany, Slovenia, and Italy, 10 days ago, but was already yearning for another holiday. Europe wasn’t exactly your ideal vacation, in terms of rest and recuperation. It was more of the adventurous sort. To top it off, I went straight from the airport to the office on the Monday morning I arrived without giving myself any time to nurse a jetlag. Needless to say, I required a vacation from my vacation to recover. Or maybe, that’s just an excuse I’m making 😉

Khao Yai, just a short 2.5 hours drive from Bangkok seemed like the perfect escape for the weekend; and what better way to spend it, than with some good friends. The perfect time to visit Khao Yai is between October and January. Since it’s located between mountains, you are guaranteed an escape, not only from hectic Bangkok, but also from the heat of Bangkok. During the mornings and nights, the temperature can be anywhere from 17 to 25 degrees (yes, this is cold for your average Bangkokian). However, you’re likely to have the same amount of sun beating down on you during the day, as you would expect in Bangkok.

After a 3 hour drive (due to the weekend rush), we arrived at Muthimaya, a forest-style pool villa, and sister to the well-known hotel and golf resort, Kirimaya. For the next 3 days, we did not leave the resort premises, and there was absolutely no reason to.



I cannot tell you exactly what we did except for having massive breakfasts, randomly breaking out into dancing and singing parties, bathing in the sun, indulging in Kra Phow Kai, and drinking mimosas and champagne throughout our days there. That seemed adventurous enough; especially with 4 very chatty and loud ladies. I felt sorry for our neighbours.

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I’ve said this once, and I’ll repeat it again… Muthimaya is the perfect escape from Bangkok for families, couples, and friends to have a great time; albeit a more luxury getaway than your average vacation. Rooms can be anywhere from 9,000 to 12,000 per night depending on the season. However, it is possible to score a great deal at Thai Teaw Thai expo held semi-annually in Bangkok. You’re likely to grab this gorgeous 120 sqm pool villa for 6,000 THB. There are also a bunch of restaurants within the resort premises itself, and plenty to keep you entertained, especially if you enjoy golfing! If not, then riding the golf carts through the beautiful lush green course is always a great option as well! A year ago, when I last visited, (free) High Tea was served between 4 and 6pm in the evenings. However, they no longer offer this service to the guests, and that makes me quite sad. The variety of little pastries and sandwiches were delectable and made for an enjoyable sun downer activity. I do hope they bring that back soon, and that it’s not gone for good!

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Don’t get me wrong, Khao Yai is actually a very exciting location to travel to because of the activities that surround the area. One day, I do plan on going to the National Park, hiking up to the waterfalls, and camping in the park grounds. This weekend was just not that kind of vacation for me, but then again Khao Yai isn’t going anywhere and I’ll be back soon enough! 😎

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