Las Ramblas, Barcelona on July 11, 2010

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It was the final leg of our Eurotrip, and it felt as though we were chasing World Cup 2010 all around Europe. It had to be Spain for the win, only because we would be in Barcelona for the final match. It was a beautiful day for celebrations. Me and my friend Krista bought an assortment of Spanish beers, and joyfully walked out onto the streets with beers in hand. After following the crowd in red and yellow, we found ourselves at Las Ramblas, surrounded by over a hundred thousand football fanatics pushing and shoving their way to the front, climbing onto water fountains and lampposts to get the best possible view of the movie-theater sized projector. Cheering at close calls, booing at the referees decisions, and patiently waiting for the game to gain some momentum… 45 minutes pass, and then another, with no goals to show for leading up to the 90th-minute mark. The crowd was getting anxious during extra time as another 20 minutes pass, and still, nothing. Four minutes from the end of extra time, and just when everyone had prepared their nerves for the penalty shoot-out, Iniesta changed the game completely. The championship was theirs for the taking, and the crowd erupted. On July 11, 2010, it was not a victory for the Catanlans or the Español; I witnessed a victory for Spain united as one.

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