Hong Kong on a Budget

Hong Kong is an amazing “lifestyle” location, especially in terms of the variety of restaurants, rooftop bars, the nightlife and shopping malls. I can definitely understand the appeal of why people love to live here, or even dream to live in a this city. As a traveller however, it did not completely satisfy my cravings. Like any metropolitan city, Hong Kong demands that money be spent in order to have a good time and enjoy the views. Nonetheless, there are definitely a few things that I would recommend doing when you’re there, that wouldn’t break your budget entirely, and ensure you get a pretty good glimpse of Hong Kong!


Victoria’s Peak

For about 40 HKD, you can easily take a round trip ticket to Victoria’s Peak. Even though they are likely to try and sell you this ticket inclusive of the “Sky Pass”, make sure to just take the round trip. You’ll still have a great view at the top without spending the extra cash! That’s exactly what I did. The journey upwards in itself is quite thrilling. It is so steep, that you literally feel like the entire city is at a diagonal, which can be a bit trippy. The entire view going up, being up, and coming down the mountain was fantastic, and well worth the experience.


Double Decker Trams

There is one major tram line that runs through Soho and Causeway Bay. Take the tram, and find a seat up on the top deck, and just enjoy the ride while you get to see the entire city centre. It’s a mere 2.30 HKD for a single ride, regardless of the distance.

Waterfront Promenade

I took the metro to Kowloon, and from there headed towards the Waterfront Promenade. It’s basically a pedestrian and cycling path along the harbour, and it provides a stunning view of the city on the other side. I ended up renting one of the “smart bikes”  for 40 HKD (for 2 hours) and bicycling along the waterfront. I found to be quite a refreshing activity to do, especially in a park-like surrounding, away from the concrete jungle with a view from outside looking in.


Star Ferry Ride

Now, I didn’t personally do this due to time constraints, but I wish I did. The star ferry basically is transports passengers between Hong Kong Island (Central Pier) and TST (Tsim Sha Tsui) Pier. This ride usually takes about an hour, and I would recommend visiting at night (170 HKD roundtrip), when all the city lights sparkling! Now, if you are on a tighter budget, then taking it in the daytime might be a good idea (90 HKD roundtrip). The Star Ferry goes around the Victoria Harbour, covering all the famous harbour side attractions. It’s also one of the most photographed harbours in the world, so you can be certain, it will be worth ever penny.

Avenue of Stars

SImilar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Avenue of Stars, located at TST waterfront pays tribute to all the famous actors and stars in the Hong Kong film industry. I took a stroll through this area, and regardless of if I knew the stars or not, the view again, was spectacular.

Soho & Lan Kwai Fong

Tucked away into tiny little streets are some special boutiques, and chic eateries and wine bars. Although the restaurants, bars, and clubs can be ridiculously priced, and out of your budget (if you have one), taking a stroll through Hollywood Road, LKF, and maze of narrow streets is definitely worth it. You might stumble upon some beautiful, cozy cafes. I also recommend taking the infamous series of escalators up to very top of Soho, and making your way down by walking and exploring the area. There is so much vibrancy and energy in this area, that it’s guaranteed to be a good time.


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