Greece: A Deserted Bus Stop

I’m waiting at an abandoned bus stop and I remember thinking to myself, how did I get here? We were in northern Greece, in a small town. We had missed our ferry to Dubrovnik, Croatia via Bari, Italy the night before. I remember it clearly; it was the Euro Cup 2012, and the Germany-Greece match was on, and I was in Greece. A series of unfortunate circumstances led us to waving our overnight ferry goodbye from the other side, as it took voyage. The next morning we went to the bus terminal to find a way out of this town as soon as possible. The lady told us we had to catch the bus mid-journey, as it was not departing from this location. She hailed us a taxi, and gave him some instructions in Greek. The next thing I knew, we were dropped off at an abandoned bus stop in the middle of nowhere, I mean literally… nowhere. We were told that anytime between now and the next few hours a bus would drive by, and we would have to hail it down, and get on it. So here I am, waiting and desperately hoping that the lady at the bus stop was right.

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