Confessions of a Globetrotter

1. You remember your passport number

You have filled out so many departure, arrival, and customs declaration forms, that your passport number becomes as important as your phone number. Let’s be honest, you even remember your passport date of issue and expiry. My passport is basically my baby, with a lifespan.

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2. You are capable of packing in under 15 minutes
Whether it’s a weekend trip or a 1-week vacation, you’ve built a ritual, and packing is 2nd nature to you. You have your all-year-round travel toiletries ready to go. You’ve organized your closet by season and moods. You know exactly where to look if you’re going hiking, snowboarding, or to the beach. Oh, is that only me? Oops.

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3. You have so many visas, the passport police hands you back your passport so you can show him where exactly your visa is located.
Passport police, I told you to look at pg. 42. That’s where you’ll find it. Sigh. Sidenote: Did you know your passport has page numbers? It’s extremely handy.

4. You have a fear of passport pages running out.
I love getting stamps and visas, but on the other hand, do they really need to use an entire 2 pages for 1 entry-exit stamp. Why are they skipping pages? Why can’t they put back-to-back visas!? Ahhh!

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5. You have SkyScanner and as apps on your phone
These apps are also pre-attached to my credit card… you know, just incase I decide to purchase a flight ticket while eating lunch. It’s convenient.


6. Your parents think you have a problem.
Okay parents, I promise I’ll stay in Bangkok for the next month. Oh, is it not 30 days yet? Whoops, I fell of the bandwagon again… oh well. Next time though parents, next time.

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7. You’ve found your “go-to” sleeping position on a long-haul flight.
I curl up into a little fetus in my cozy economy window-seat. Oh, the perks of being short and small.

8. When you know someone travelling somewhere you have not been, you beg them to fit you in their suitcase.
I mean seriously, I am tiny. I can fit in your suitcase. You want to see? You dare me? I’ll show you. Done. Now take me with you. PLEASE.

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9. You live for the long weekends.
Did the government just issue an impromptu holiday for bringing happiness back to Thailand!? Best news ever. I’m so going to find happiness this long weekend… it just happens to be outside of Thailand, no big deal.

10. You are genuinely concerned that you will run out of time, and not get to see it all.
And this is the reason why I have a bucket list. 31 down, 165 to go.

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