Europe Off The Beaten Track: Warnemünde & Stralsund

Writer: Av Khanijou

Let me give an extremely brief introduction on myself. I’m Av Khanijou owner of Indian By Nature and author of Confluence – the Indian By Nature cookbook. When not wielding my utensils cooking up a tandoori or a curry, I’m shadowing my husband, Jack, on one of his many trips to Europe.

Warnemünde, East Germany

Warnemünd in Rostock is where ocean liners loom big and large over traditional trawlers and sail boats.  It was a rainy day and yet the harbour was teeming with locals and American tourists fresh off the liners.  Have been told that on sunny days people jostle for space, and why shouldn’t they? It is indeed a delightful place. Judge for yourselves.


IMG_3289    IMG_3283

Stralsund, East Germany

Deep in former DDR the city of Stralsund beckoned. Places of interest in the walled or the old part of the city are Zum Fähre, a bar built in 1332 and still a hotspot with the locals; the Gothic facade of the City Hall in the square;  Zum Scheele, a  one Michelin starred restaurant which looked really busy with early diners.


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The legendary Gorch Forch a former sailing boat now converted to a museum is moored in the port of Stralsund and is worth checking out, if not for its history, then for its  visual beauty alone.

The top secret  Atomic German Bunker of the Cold War era,  Eichenthal, lies between Rostcck and Greifswald. The history of this bunker is very interesting, too long to elaborate here though. Tours to the bunker can be pre booked from Stralsund.

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