Europe Off The Beaten Track: Bad Zwischenahn

Writer: Av Khanijou

Let me give an extremely brief introduction on myself. I’m Av Khanijou owner of Indian By Nature and author of Confluence – the Indian By Nature cookbook. When not wielding my utensils cooking up a tandoori or a curry, I’m shadowing my husband, Jack, on one of his many trips to Europe.


It’s a windmill no doubt,  but far from the flat terrain of Holland. An hour’s drive from Lemförde is the recreational town of Bad Zwischenahn in Ammerland, Germany.

BZ is a wellness town.  To my eyes, it looked like an idyllic place for the German well-to-do to recuperate or just spend leisurely time.  The town is dotted with shops, restaurants and hotels.

Jagdhaus Eiden Hotel by the lake is set in a beautiful park. Originally opened as a hunting lodge in 1902  but, with the advent of tourism, converted to a wellness hotel.  Trophies and plaques adorn the walls.


I observed, on my morning walk, guests from the hotel  swimming in the cool waters of the lake. I  couldn’t stop staring which prompted them to call out to me and say that the water wasn’t cold and I should join them!  At any time of the day, it would be a challenge to take the plunge, but at 7am? Ha!

The hotel offers yoga lessons, spa facilities, segways for hire and free trips to the Ostfriesisches Teemuseum Norden and to Carolinensiel statt which is a picturesque old harbour and, of course, the Nordic walk which rejuvenates the mind as it puts you in direct connection with nature.


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