Dusk Till Dawn

Writer: Prabneet Doowa
Editor & Publisher: Jaspreet Narang

Bangkok has no shortage of places that you could go to have a great night – whether it’s with family or friends or whether the place is trashy or classy, Bangkok has something for you, from dust till dawn.

Sukhumvit Soi 11

Starting with the classy, we have Sukhumvit Soi 11; it has become one of the up and coming places to go in Bangkok. It’s got the best of both worlds because you get can expensive food in high-end restaurants or delicious road-side snacks; you can party in high-so clubs or clubs that seem questionable from the outside but will surprise you once you’re in, or you can enjoy your favorite drinks whilst relishing the best views from the best rooftops in Bangkok. Sukhumvit Soi 11 has the view, the clubs, and restaurants and just about anything you could want to experience during your time in Bangkok. Don’t be fooled by the exterior; this road has more to offer than you would think. However, make sure to avoid those taxi scams! Its pretty heavy on this street.


Continuing with the classy, Thonglor is probably the most happening places to go in Bangkok on any given night. If you look past the insane traffic in Thonglor and decide to walk, you’ll find one of the most interesting places to visit and enticing places to eat. There’s so much to do in Thonglor that even us locals sometimes don’t know where everything is. Just like other places in Bangkok, you have to walk deep in Thonglor Sois to find the good stuff that make your time there worthwhile. I’ll be honest, I find it difficult sometimes to go through all of Thonglor, but whenever I do find a place to eat or hang out with my friends, it’s very much worth it. The best part about this area of Bangkok I would say is the unique ambiances – from jazz to medieval European feels to Moroccan flavors down the road, you get the vibe of many countries, in one place. Looking for one of Bangkok’s smartest and hippest streets? Then Thonglor is for you.

Royal City Avenue

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 1.06.37The Royal City Avenue – also known as RCA is the center of the clubbing scene in Bangkok. It’s pretty much a full on night-zone so a party every night is guaranteed. This part of Bangkok is definitely crammed up every night because whether it’s the buzz from international DJ’s or local concerts, this is the place to be if you’re looking for loud, crazy and an exciting night. There are four blocks on this road, and you can expect them to be full of life. The vibe here is very young and carefree; however, be warned that some may say it’s pretty dangerous to go to RCA but there is a lot of security so some say it’s safe.

Khao Sarn

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 1.02.20Lastly, there is Khaosarn road. The most well-known road in Bangkok as every foreigner most probably ends up here at least once during their time in Bangkok. And, once is never enough! Khaosarn is absolutely amazing on a Friday night. Cheap drinks varying from beer to fun cocktails, crazy and wild clubs with the best crowd you’ll ever have, laughing gas and people everywhere wanting to party it up no matter how late the night is – that’s what Khaosarn is like. Commonly known as KS, it’s definitely one of the recommended places to go when you’re in Bangkok. KS is usually crowded on Friday and Saturday nights but if you have a group of friends then just about any night at KS would be great. Starting from dusk, KS doesn’t disappoint you even after dawn.

Bangkok has a lot to offer after sunset, and whether you want a chilled or crazy night, these places can give you just about anything you want. Just pick the right place and go with the right people and I can assure you Bangkok will not disappoint. Oh, and don’t forget to grab some street food and end your night in style, like a true Bangkokian.

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