A Tree House in Bangkok

I spent my last weekend of 2015 in Bangkok Tree House, located in the Green Lungs of Bangkok; known by locals as Bang Krachao. I could not have asked for a more perfect way to say goodbye to such an amazing 2015.

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Bangkok Tree House is a boutique inn on Bang Krachao where visitors can spend the night in the green lungs. This eco-friendly tree house nestled amidst mangroves and palm trees makes it hard to believe that you’re still in Bangkok. Built from bamboo and recycled metal, Bangkok Tree House artistically blends into its surroundings.

Fun fact: The owners of this beautiful boutique uses wind and solar energy to generate electricity throughout its accommodation and communal areas. In addition, everything you eat is organic and home grown.



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There are a few tree house options to chose from, depending on how adventurous and close to nature you want to feel. It is “eco-friendly” after all, so you do have the option of sleeping underneath the stars or on floating beds in the river!

Bangkok Tree House is located a short 300 meter walk from the pier close to Wat Bang Nam Phueng Nok. If you have luggage, simply call up the tree house, and they will send someone to escort you. I was greeted with 4 types of refreshingly cold juices including lemongrass, sugarcane, butterfly pea (known in Thai as “Anchan”), and another flower extracted juice that my taste buds couldn’t quite place.

Following this, I was asked to fill out a regular check-in and breakfast questionnaire. I got to the last question, and it asked me “Would you be interested in joining the complimentary fireflies tour?” A fireflies tour?! That exists in Bangkok? Um, yes please! Sign me up. This already got me excited for the night time, as I don’t recall having ever seen fireflies in my life. But more about this later!

I was escorted to my 3-storey luxury bamboo shack, and was mesmerized as I walked through the maze of bamboo structures covered in vines and adorned by pretty pot plants. At this point, I completely forgot that I was still in Bangkok.



When I got comfortable in my room, I was further surprised by a lovely welcome message on a leaf and a couple of fresh ice-cold coconuts! I was a happy girl.


The 3 storey sustainable tree house I stayed at consisted of the following:

  • 1st Floor: An outdoor rain shower, a bathroom, a closet and luggage area
  • 2nd Floor: A bedroom and a balcony
  • 3rd Floor: A rooftop daybed


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As you can imagine, my evening was well spent on the daybed, sipping some red wine, while watching my beloved golden hour set in; a perfect ambiance matched with a perfect sunset.


BTH 10

At the tree house, there is a communal areas known as “The Honesty Bar”. Everything you need including snacks, water, and other refreshments can be found at this bar. All you have to do is grab what you need, and record it in a little journal that is sitting on the counter top. Talk about trust in Bangkok! This was the first time I’ve seen Bangkok showcase such kind of trust towards it’s own people and tourists. Also, did I mention, the tree house provides free ice-cream, all day errrrrday?! Another complimentary service worthy of mention are the free bicycles they provide for their guests to borrow.

BTH 13

After a delicious dinner at the boutique inn, we joined the 7:30pm fireflies tour. For those who cannot make the 7:30pm tour, they also have another option at 6:00pm. However, I highly recommend the later timing, as it’s much darker and the fireflies are more visible. We took a 6 seater long-tail boat to an estuary. It was complete darkness in this estuary, minus the christmas lit trees and bushes. Except, they weren’t christmas lights, but instead thousands of fireflies making the trees and bushes glitter in the night. Such a magical sight to witness, and what a great way to end the an already fantastic day.

Note: Unfortunately this tour had a strict no photo policy, so I don’t have much to show you from it! However, if you do want to see them, might as well go to Bangkok Tree House and sign yourself up for this complimentary tour! 🙂

Book Your Stay

If you are looking at booking this place for a night or two, I recommend booking directly with their website, as they do provide additional discounts from time to time. Thai nationals get a 15% discount from the regular price per night (only if booked through Bangkok Tree House’s website directly). Rooms range from 3,500 THB per night or more, depending on the style you choose. Yes, this might be pricey, but its a small price to pay knowing that this tree house commits a large portion of its earnings to help clean up the Chao Phraya River; not to mention their amazing service and various complimentary items provided.

2 thoughts on “A Tree House in Bangkok

  1. Wow. What a nice article. I was often thinking to invite my wife to stay there on her birthday.
    Now i’m sure to do so this year. Thanks for the motivation. Almost forgot about this wonderful place.

    Cheers Philippe

    1. Thank you so much! Glad it motivated you. It’s such a beautiful place, and definitely a romantic escape for you and your wife on her birthday! 🙂

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