About Me

I love traveling but I never go on vacations, ever. I know this to be a fact because I’m not trying to get away from anything. I don’t need to take a break or to escape. I go on journeys of discovery. I go on adventures. I go for the cultural and local experiences. I go to be inspired. I go to meet like-minded people, who share my passion. I dive into anything new and uncomfortable. I travel.

About viaBangkok

I created viaBangkok in June 2015 as an outlet to express my love for travelling, writing, and photography. These 3 hobbies are my lifeline, and viaBangkok is its incubator. I should have started incubating a decade ago, but the point is, I have started.

viaBangkok provides a fresh and personable spin on travelling where I candidly document my adventures, misadventures, fleeting moments of inspiration, and confessions. Bangkok is the perfect transit zone for being constantly on the move while exploring the world through star struck eyes. viaBangkok exudes my passion for travel with hopes to inspire all those who come in contact with my passion. Follow along my journey, as I fumble across the globe, and check off “The World” from my bucket list.

Some Background

Born and raised in Bangkok as a third-culture local (Thai-Indian), I struggled to find my footing in a specific country. Thai people do not think I’m Thai, and Indians cannot believe that I’m Indian. In any case, I never felt like I belonged anywhere, so I decided to make the world my home. Having travelled on and off for over a decade, to more than 35 countries, I do not see myself stopping anytime soon. There’s something alluring about collecting stamps and visas on my passports.

Seeing as I sustain a full-time job in Bangkok to fund my travels, when I’m not at work, I’m constantly

  • …plotting my next adventure,
  • …squeezing in some time off work,
  • …saving just about enough money for my next trip,
  • …and visiting embassies for Visa approvals.

Oh, if only the jet-setting life was as easy for 3rd world passport holders… but a girl can dream!