Pattaya: A Day at the Beach

I barely take advantage of living in Bangkok; not so much in terms of the events, festivals, and markets, and in general the city itself, but more so in terms of the proximity to the beaches, the mountains, lakes, and so much more. I can’t believe that up until yesterday, I had never taken a spontaneous day trip to the beach. It is quite literally at hour and half away from my place.

I woke up on Saturday feeling lazy, knowing that this might be the day I just sit around in bed and watch some TV shows and recuperate from my week and entire month of travels. That mood changed quite quickly when I was scrolling through Instagram and stumbled upon this lovely image of the beach. Seriously though, who wouldn’t want to go to the beach after seeing this image?!

11933458_396634660535096_8006916025935798430_nPhoto Source: Unknown

I suddenly had this tense desire to be at the beach, so I messaged a couple of friends, and within 10 minutes, I had a day trip buddy 🙂 Yay to spontaneous friends. They are always the best. I wasn’t exactly prepared to be going to the beach though, and by that I mean, I needed to shave my legs. A mild hinderance to our plan, but nonetheless, within an hour, we were on the road and headed to the beach without a real plan.


I was literally the happiest girl when I arrived at the beach! See that wide and ridiculous smile and the twinkle in my eyes? That’s happiness right there.


Just outside of Pattaya, there’s this place called The Glass House. It’s basically an open air restaurant along the beach that is open from 11am until midnight. It also happens to be extremely popular amongst the locals.



We decided to go have lunch here. Since neither of us had eaten since morning, and by this point it was about 2:30pm, our eyes were wider than our stomachs. We ordered 6 dishes between 2 people…. Oops.

Challenge accepted! And we did really finish all the food. I swear! It just happened to take us almost 2 hours though. After devouring our massive lunch, it was time for some well deserved celebratory Sangrias. Mmm, Sangrias by the beach. Just when I thought my Saturday couldn’t get any better, it did.



Around 5.30pm, we decided to head somewhere a bit more upscale for a nice sunset view. We ended up at Drift, a bar and lounge at the Hilton Hotel in Pattaya.


The view of Pattaya was gorgeous from here, not to mention I witnessed the best sunset of the year, See?


Isn’t that gorgeous? It’s okay to be a little jealous. Haha. I would be too! 😉



A few too many scones and an espresso later, we decided to call it a day and head back to Bangkok. This was such a great way to spend my Saturday. Definitely planning to have more of these spontaneous trips in the future. Catch the irony there?

One thought on “Pattaya: A Day at the Beach

  1. Sounds similar to my spontaneous trip to Samed. Just after new year, I was bored, saw some instagram photos of people in samed and wanted to get out of the city so wife and I just made last minute phone call, booked a resort and drove to the pier.

    Love the spontaneous trips the most. I’m now on a mission to take trips every weekend instead of going to bars and clubs or parties. Next one is kanchanaburi, then chiang mai grand canyon and sometime next month koh nang yuan.

    Keep those posts coming Preeti.

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