A Bangkok Collection

viaBangkok’s A Bangkok Collection (ABC) will bring you a taste of everything that Bangkok has to offer if you plan on travelling here, or if you live here and want to discover Bangkok in a different way. This passion project of mine is coming to life through collaborations with a total of 11 people; 4 writers, 4 photographers, an illustrator, a stylist, and a make-up artist. Set to launch on Sunday, July 12, 2015, here is what you can expect for the upcoming month.

  1. 24 Hours in Bangkok: A by-the-hour photo documentary on how I chose to spend 24 hours in Bangkok as a tourist.
  2. Bangkok Through My Lenses: A digital photo book with 10 chapters that will melt your heart, and is sure to make you fall in love with the beauty and scars that is Bangkok.
  3. 16 Articles: Blog posts with a personal touch, and photos covering everything non-commercial about Bangkok through the eyes of 3rd culture locals, with a fun theme for each week’s set of articles.

And more…